A population that could persist for a long time would need a number of such territories, so an adequate preserve would require 640 –1,300 km2. Various other reasons were also suggested for the disappearance of the lions, including poisoning and shooting by villagers. But regardless of the immediate cause, a much larger area was required for long term persistence of the lions.


Both a ranch and a preserve will be established for the North American bison. The goal of the ranch owner is to show that bison can be a better source of meat than introduced cattle and at the same time have a less detrimental effect on the land. The goal of the preserve is to maximize the abundance of the bison. The most serious blackout in U.S. history occurred on August 14, 2003.


New York City, along with eight states and parts of Canada, suddenly lost electric power at about 4:00 p.m. More than 50 million people were affected, some trapped in elevators or electric trains underground. People streamed into the streets of New York, unsure whether or not the power failure was due to a terrorist attack. Terrorists had nothing to do with the blackout, but the event caused harm, anxiety, and financial loss to millions of people.